GData Antivirus Software

GData Antivirus Software

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  • Take advantage of the highest detection rates
  • Protect yourself against online fraud and data theft
  • Surf without worrying: best protection when banking, shopping and sending email
  • Protect your personal data, even on social networks
  • Save time through simple installation and use
  • Speed up the boot process



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Basic protection against viruses and other malware

How security should be: G DATA ANTIVIRUS reliably protects your PC against viruses - and your personal data during online banking transactions and shopping trips. So you no longer have to worry about the most common threats.

New in this version of Antivirus is comprehensive exploit protection. This also safeguards your PC against malware that targets and exploits security vulnerabilities in your installed software.



Product Features G Data Antivirus

Best protection against viruses
and other online risks

Put your trust in the best virus protection software that uses technologies working in parallel.

OPTIMIZED! Behavior monitoring of files and programs

Benefit from proactive detection and Cloud connection that protect you against even unknown malware - now with autopilot for trouble-free surfing and work.

OPTIMIZED! Instant protection for your email

Scan even SSL-encrypted emails for malicious attachments and other suspicious content as soon as they are received.

Protection against security vulnerabilities in your software

Secure your computer reliably against security holes in installed programs, with Exploit Protection.

OPTIMIZED! Secure online banking and shopping

Use BankGuard technology and configurable Keylogger Protection to protect yourself against manipulation and data theft on the Internet.

NEW! Protection against manipulated USB devices

Use the USB KEYBOARD GUARD to protect yourself against USB devices that pretend to be keyboards.


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Dimensions: 8 in × 6 in × 4 in

1 Review

chrisjames911's picture

I found G Data about 5 years ago and I haven't used any other virus protection software since. G Data is the best antivirus software on the market today. In my opinion everything else is just second best.


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