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We opened our doors in 2014, Ballistic Computers stocks and delivers new and refurbished workstations, desktops, laptops, servers and computer parts to the IT market. Starting with one of the most extensive and stringent testing procedures in the industry, an exceptional low price guarantee, Ballistic Computers serves everyone from corporate IT departments to the home computer buyer and we provide a fair price without compromising on quality. Reliability, service and support are the building blocks of the Ballistic Computers business strategy. This process has played a key role in maintaining our long-term relationships developed over the years with major computer manufacturers and customers. We provide our services to anyone looking for a great computer at a fair price such as schools, colleges, health care providers, legal and financial markets, and the personal/home computer customer. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service before, during and after the sale making Ballistic Computers the right choice for your next purchase.

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At Ballistic Computers, our number one goal is to deliver you a quality product. From workstations, desktops, laptops, security cameras or the parts that make your system run, we take pride in having a great selection of products at very competitive prices. Our workstations, desktops, laptops, security cameras and parts range from new, new open box and refurbished. By carrying a wide selection of these options, this gives buyers the opportunity to maximize value and receive substantial savings.

We understand the problems facing todays small business and are here to help. Our promise to you is this, if you need us for anything at any time we will be here for you, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. No other computer company will offer this type of service to their customers we can and we will answer your call and get you back up and running. Selling you one computer is easy, providing unmatched service and support is how we beat the competition hands down.

Quality Process

  • Ballistic Computers only sources our products from trusted partners. Some of our partners are leaders in the industry.
  • We performs a visual inspection on all product received to assess external condition and useability. We document part numbers, quantity, and condition and all of the internal components such as CPU, memory, hard drives, and other components.
  • All inventoried equipment then goes through our rigorous diagnostic evaluation process, which includes a complete functional test and part replacement (if needed), and thorough cleaning. In this intensive step, our inspectors work thoroughly with the equipment to make sure it’s working to its maximum potential. We use industry leading software to test individual components. Depending on the generation and model of the computer, the latest diagnostic utility is downloaded from the manufacturer and all Computers are tested when we recieve them and once again before they ship to you.
  • When you place your order with Ballistic Computers we performs an equipment upgrade based on the product you ordered that meets your specifications. Specific parts are pulled for each order. Our technicians then update the Bios and firmware on your computer. If your computer comes wit an Operating System we preform an update check and install all necessary updates.
  • All computers then undergo our full burn-in test before shipment to ensure the highest performance. This step guarantees that your product will perform at 100 percent the first time you use it.
  • Your workstation, desktop, or laptop is then securely packed by our shipping department so your shipment arrives safely.

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